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Experience the Musical Rollercoaster by Listening to Gen Maldonado’s Debut Album ‘You Belong’

Gen Maldonado  You Belong

Internet sensation Gen Maldonado has recently dropped her debut album ‘You Belong’ for everyone to enjoy. Fans are left truly overjoyed by the glorious performance.

Lexington, Kentucky Sep 7, 2023 ( – Being one of the prolific talents in the music industry, Gen Maldonado, the magician of music managed to land her place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across the globe. She was very certain about becoming a professional and proficient musician while growing up, learned to read music, and was directing a church choir at the age of 14. She continued her musical studies in high school and University. Performing in musical production shows and concerts all over New York City she garnered all eyes of the music lovers.

By the age of 21, Gen Maldonado professionally started working in nightclubs, casinos, theaters, and corporate fundraising events. She has also performed for Barbara Walters, ABC News, and other celebrities, and was also chosen to perform at the world-famous APOLLO Theater in New York City in October of the year 2008. She decided to excel her skills and take her career to the next level. Well, recently she has come up with her debut albumYou Belong’, including 11 tracks, 9 originals, and 2 covers. ‘Don’t You Lie’, ‘Before I Ever Knew’, and ‘Out Here On My Own’ are three out of those eleven performances.

Though ‘You Belong’ was written and recorded by David Todd Singleton for Gen, ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘Last Dance’ were for Donna Summer. It begins with their re-created version of ‘It’s Raining Men’, featuring TLC on backing vocals. The fourth track is a sequel follow-up to ‘It’s Raining Men’ written by David Todd Singleton/Paul Jabara and Bob Esty called, ‘Calling All Monsters’. The spotlight shines on the charming performer as she dominates the stage with her victorious performance each time. The soul singer of New York leaves her audience awe-inspired and mesmerized every time she appears on stage. You can listen to the whole album on YouTube, bandcamp, and Spotify. Follow the majestic performer on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website for further information.

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