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Expert Traders Teach Fundamental Analysis: Mentoring, Live Trading Stream Update

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) offers struggling traders the opportunity to deepen their knowledge by connecting them with seasoned professionals. The platform provides a full suite of on-demand training resources, arming subscribers with the tools to generate consistent returns in all market cycles.

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The announcement shares details of MIC’s flagship mentorship program and its new live trading program that affords members an over-the-shoulder view of a pro trader as they go about their practice. Platform founders Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen are passionate about helping a new generation of traders find consistency and self-sufficiency in the stock market.

Fundamental analysis allows traders to determine a stock or security’s intrinsic value as distinct from its current market price. This practice seeks to reveal whether a stock is under or over-valued, using this as a means to inform rapid position trades. The analysis can involve either quantitative or qualitative fundamentals with each helping to build a fuller picture of a trading candidate.

With the mentorship program, MIC members can learn about ‘bottom-up’ approaches. These focus first on direct influences that act on a company before widening the lens to see how the market interacts and affects its stock price. This approach ensures that assets have a strong foundation to be able to withstand market disruption.

‘Top-down’ techniques are also covered – this approach looks first at the relevant industry and the economy and how that affects a particular stock or security before narrowing its focus to look at direct market influences. Subscribers are also taught how to make use of earnings reports, financial ratios, balance sheets, and cash flow data.

The mentorship program offers one-to-one sessions with professional traders, allowing subscribers to ask questions and have their trades reviewed. MIC’s busy chatroom connects trading enthusiasts from across the globe to swap tips and support one another. Other platform features include regular Q&A sessions, weekly webinars with live market recaps, and access to the video encyclopedia of day trading resources.

Members are also given daily trading blueprints as an alternative to trading alerts. These give subscribers a head start on the market before it opens for business.

A spokesperson says, “The markets change constantly. Traders must stay on top of these changes and adapt to remain profitable which is difficult when most trading education services only provide outdated information and alerts.”

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