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Exxon Stock: Check Out What Whales Are Doing With XOM

A whale with plenty of cash has adopted a noticeably bullish position on Exxon stock (NYSE:XOM).

When we look at the details of each transaction, we can say that 56% of investors initiated trades with optimistic expectations and 43% with negative expectations. From the total number of spotted transactions, 8 are Puts worth $465,955, and 8 are calls for $370,692.

Whats The Price Target?

When the Volume and Open Interest on these futures are considered, it appears that whales have been seeking a price range for Exxon stock (NYSE:XOM) that falls between $82.0 and $120.0 over the past three months.

Conducting research on a stock by first taking a close look at its volume and open interest is an effective technique to gain valuable insight.

You may use this data to monitor the liquidity and interest in Exxon Mobils options for a certain strike price by keeping track of it.

What Is the Current Value of Exxon Stock?

The price of Exxon stock (NYSE:XOM) is currently $95.05, representing a loss of 2.68%, with 4,903,593 contracts traded.

The RSI indications suggest that the underlying stock is now in a state of equilibrium between overbought and oversold.

The subsequent earnings report is not anticipated to be made public for another 43 days.

What Experts Say About Exxon Mobil

Piper Sandler has decided to keep its Overweight rating on Exxon (NYSE:XOM), which now has a price objective of $108.

Exxon Mobil has been assigned an Overweight rating by Morgan Stanley, which will not change, and the firm has set a price objective of $113 for the stock.

Options are riskier assets than trading stocks but offer more considerable profit potential. Serious options traders control this risk by educating themselves regularly, scaling in and out of deals, following many indicators, and continuously monitoring the markets.

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