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FAFSA US College Funding Application Support For Small Business Owners Updated

The latest launch from College Planning Experts provides entrepreneurs, sole traders, company owners, and their dependents with a simple way to improve their chances of securing a place at their college of choice. The company is offering help to business professionals earning less than $75,000.

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The announcement details the company’s comprehensive application support program for business owners, providing a range of services to help clients access college funding solutions including Federal scholarships. Millions of dollars of financial aid go unclaimed or unused every year with many families unaware of the help they are entitled to.

According to the Education Data Initiative, 66% of students in the US apply for funding through the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) program. While many students rely on loans to fund their higher education and some post-graduation debt is inevitable, many families remain unaware of the sort of financial help available to them and their children.

The College Planning Experts team offers personalized career assessments, discussing interests, hobbies, skills, and goals to help determine which academic route and which institutions are most suitable for clients and their children. The company’s proprietary Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) program enables applicants to see how they compare with students who are competing for the same spots at their ideal colleges.

Clients also benefit from financial aid form preparation to ensure they avoid common errors and do not miss any important FAFSA deadlines. The team can also advise on financial planning strategies that enable families to continue enjoying a comfortable lifestyle while saving for future college bills.

About College Planning Experts

The company has helped thousands of students and their families with the financial side of college preparation. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the team advises on everything from portfolios and applications to career pathways. College Planning Experts also run complimentary educational workshops to further inform aspiring students as to how they can maximize their chances of success.

A spokesperson says, “Let us take the reins on the college planning process so you don’t have to add “college planning project manager” to the list of titles already carried”.

With its service updates for business owners, College Planning Experts continues to make a university education a reality for students across Southern California and beyond.

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