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Fast Headache Relief Without Medication & Migraine Prevention Webinar Updated

The newly updated content offers an innovative, safe method for headache and migraine relief. The company provides accessible resources to those suffering from rebound headaches, sharing the results of 16 years of research.

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The announcement addresses the need for effective, accessible, and drug-free migraine treatments. With the STEP method, developed by Dr. Stagl, the company wants to help headache sufferers live a life free of pain without the side effects and health risks that can come with drug treatments.

According to an article by Harvard Medical School, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen can cause medication overuse headaches. This condition commonly occurs in those suffering from primary headache disorders, such as migraine, who take pain-relieving medications more than two to three days a week. Furthermore, people taking butalbital-containing drugs and opioids for their episodic headaches run the risk of developing a chronic condition.

Dr. Stagl’s STEP method forms the core of the company’s hands-on approach. It encourages patients to gain control over their headaches by understanding their triggers and learning how to manage them effectively. Following the course protocol, patients can find the trigger points that refer pain to the head. This non-invasive method provides patients with a drug-free alternative to traditional migraine treatments, aligning with a growing preference for holistic health solutions.

The STEP method aims to treat the cause and not the symptom. While patients initially experience pain, they typically report 70-80% pain relief during the treatment.

About Phule Enterprises

Phule Enterprises was founded by Dr. John Stagl, a headache sufferer himself. After retiring from his practice, he decided to share the STEP method, which he has personally used for over 25 years, with the community.

Dr. Stagl shared insight on his discoveries: “It became apparent that certain muscles supporting the head developed micro-spasms from various types of stress and trauma that continued to linger until physically treated. I began experimenting on myself and discovered something amazing. When treating these micro-spasms, you can actually feel the headache pain dissipate spontaneously.”

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