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Federal Employee Insurance Agency Lead Generation, Marketing Services Announced

The new update provides specialized marketing tools and solutions to build brand reach and credibility, helping clients to reach their growth potential while managing inbound lead-generation efforts.

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The agency notes that life insurance becomes increasingly more expensive as clients age, which opens a window of opportunity for growth-oriented agencies offering replacement programs. By leveraging the latest marketing frameworks and tools, clients can connect with more federal employees and help them to meet their retirement goals.

“You know you need real, qualified leads with a high likelihood of converting into prospects and clients,” explains a company spokesperson. “Good news. Bedrock can manage all of your marketing needs, helping you reach those high-quality leads online and offline.”

With over 30 years of experience, Bedrock provides training, branding, and lead generation specifically for professionals in the federal employee financial services industry. The team has extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies that resonate with this niche audience.

A core service Bedrock offers is email marketing. Regular and personalized emails enable agencies to build deeper relationships with potential clients and grow their subscriber base. Financial firms can leverage email marketing to deliver retirement planning content, event invitations, or promotions.

Also central to Bedrock’s approach is in-depth market research and analysis when creating a marketing plan. The team studies the current landscape and defines target demographics to reach ideal prospects. They determine which messaging and strategies these prospects are most likely to respond positively to, helping to ensure that all subsequent marketing activities will generate more leads.

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With Bedrock as their IMO, clients can focus on their strengths of financial planning and servicing customers. Meanwhile, Bedrock handles all marketing in-house, from writing content to sending emails and running ad campaigns. Their work allows agencies to enhance credibility, expand their audience, and drive more conversions.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We provide an effective blend of traditional marketing tactics alongside exclusive new-media marketing strategies that can help you take your business to the next level.”

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