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Federal Employee Marketing: Lead Generation & Online Visibility Service Update

Following the recent update, the Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) offers lead generation, personal branding, financial training, and marketing services. Recognizing the U.S. federal government and U.S. Postal Service as the largest employer pool, Bedrock aims to optimize agents’ opportunities within this demographic.

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With its expanded services, Bedrock Financial Services wants to help agents and advisors gain a strong foothold in the federal employee retirement market with techniques such as email, online, and direct mail marketing. With access to nearly 1 million residential addresses, the team uses specific demographic criteria to target prospective clients. The company considers age, marital status, income, homeownership, family status, education, club or organization memberships, and hobbies to ensure their agents’ marketing efforts reach the most promising prospects.

Bedrock Financial Services’ online marketing strategy utilizes pay-per-click, social media automation, Facebook campaigns, website optimization, and customized video production. This approach helps agents expand their online presence and engage with a larger audience of federal retirees in a cost-effective manner.

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The organization also offers email marketing services, adhering to the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act to ensure consumer protection. They specialize in creating email drip campaigns, an automated sequence of personalized emails that have been shown to significantly boost open rates compared to single-send emails.

Federal retirement experts can also take advantage of Bedrock’s proprietary software and training platform to provide on-demand, personalized online courses to federal and postal employees to teach them how to maximize their benefits. Exclusively available to agents who are members of the PSRE Network, the system adapts to the behavior of each employee during the training, supplying information relevant to their specific needs.

“At Bedrock Financial Services, we truly care about our agent and advisor partners because we’ve been in your shoes. Our ultimate goal is to build your brand and credibility, and ultimately bring you more qualified leads. Equally important, you remain an independent professional, free to provide the solutions you believe will help your clients achieve their financial goals. when you partner with Bedrock, you enjoy the freedom and peace of mind to focus on what you do best – building successful, long-lasting relationships with grateful clients,” a representative said.

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