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Foley Sound Industrial Effects Library For Social Media Video Production Updated

The latest launch from Epidemic Sound provides marketers, bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators across all sectors with a comprehensive library of sonic textures, designed to bring videos, posts, and visibility campaigns to life.

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The announcement outlines the company’s updated subscription packages which give non-commercial and business customers alike access to the Epidemic Sound library to enhance their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, and podcast content.

The term ‘royalty-free’ means that buyers are not responsible for paying creators’ royalty fees when licensing music or media. Epidemic Sound broker deals with a host of creative talent from across the globe, enabling customers to license sound effects and music safe in the knowledge that all copyright issues have been resolved. This translates to significant savings for content creators who only have to pay a small licensing or subscription fee to the company.

The Epidemic Sound team tape, style, and release hundreds of unique sound effects and background sonic atmospherics. Customers can browse a large collection of specialized effects covering everything from vehicle horns, telephones, doorbells, and dogs barking to high-speed car chases.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of Foley effects. Named after sound effects artist Jack Foley, this collection can be integrated with motion photography, video, and television pieces, providing high-definition audio to enhance the action on screen.

Subscribers can choose from a range of packages starting from just $7 per month for a personal account which includes unlimited views on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook as well as giving users access to the Epidemic Sound mobile app. A commercial plan is also available, tailor-made for businesses and freelance creatives who are looking to soundtrack larger productions.

About Epidemic Sound

The company is a global music tech organization. It has offices across the world and is headquartered in Stockholm. Epidemic Sound is dedicated to democratizing access to high-quality music and sounds for creatives, storytellers, and audio-visual professionals via its unique digital rights model and exhaustive catalog of content. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “Empowering creativity is at the heart of who we are. Epidemic Sound enriches the creative process, enabling content creators to elevate their content and engage their audiences with our ever-expanding catalog of world-class music and sound effects.”

With the latest expansion of its sound effects library, Epidemic Sound continues to set the standard for royalty-free sounds and music in the digital age.

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