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Fort Collins HIIT Functional Training Gym | Fast Full-Body Workouts Launched

As part of this development, the gym now offers an expanded range of workouts. The center focuses on functional high-intensity interval training (HIIT), allowing clients to complete full-body workouts in just 45 minutes.

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All updated workouts are delivered as group classes, giving clients a community of like-minded people to exercise with. Despite lasting less than an hour, HIIT routines can burn as much as 750 calories.

Standard workouts tend to be isolation exercises, which only target specific muscle groups. Functional exercises, in contrast, work multiple muscles simultaneously, making each session more efficient.

Moreover, they strengthen muscles used in everyday tasks such as lifting and pushing objects. By applying the HIIT modality to such workouts, F45 Training maximizes their effectiveness.

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Workouts incorporate circuit training, which entails completing a series of exercises in rapid succession. They also utilize high-intensity routines, wherein short bursts of intense exercise are alternated with rest periods.

Exercises are constantly rotated to make sessions more engaging and to constantly challenge the body. The group setting, meanwhile, provides additional motivation to customers.

To help prospective clients determine if functional HIIT workouts are right for them, the fitness center offers trial sessions.

About F45 Training

F45 Training understands the difficulty of fitting fitness into people’s busy lives. As such, it developed efficient but effective workouts that can be completed in under an hour. The gym is staffed with experienced coaches, many of whom are champion athletes. To date, F45 Training has over 650 locations in the United States, as well as over 500 in Australia.

A spokesperson says: “Everyone knows that working out can help improve one’s health. However, finding the time and the motivation to continue exercising is the real challenge. That’s why we created innovative and communal workouts to address these issues. We are confident that F45 Training can help you achieve your best shape yet.”

Interested parties may visit if they need more information about the gym and its various workouts.

F45 Training Fort Collins Downtown
221 E Mountain Ave Suite 140

United States

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