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Fort Lauderdale Digital Marketing & SEO For Business Strategic Growth, Update

The enhanced solutions are focused on several lifestyle sectors, including sports and fitness, beauty and wellness, leisure and entertainment, luxury transportation, and professional services. Business owners are now given access to a dedicated client management team who can assist with brand and design, website development, SEO, paid advertising, and implementation of CRM tools.

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The recent update was driven by the continued trend toward digital consumerism, which has seen a significant acceleration due to the pandemic. Vitaza Digital states that the expansion allows it to offer a comprehensive, coordinated approach with the goal of generating consistent growth for clients.

According to the US Census Bureau’s Annual Retail Trade Survey, online sales increased by 43% during the first year of the pandemic, amounting to $244.2 billion in growth when compared to pre-pandemic levels. The Bureau states that this caused long-term changes in consumer behavior, with e-commerce predicted to continue increasing as a percentage of overall sales.

In light of these trends, Vitaza Digital states that online presence is now an important element of strategic growth, with its enhanced solutions now built around this concept. To that end, the company’s client management teams place greater emphasis on the creation of digital brands, with modern and user-friendly website designs playing a key role.

In order to generate increased traffic for websites, the agency has also extended its SEO services in line with some of the latest search engine algorithm updates. A combination of organic ranking and paid advertising can be deployed, which the team believes will offer the greatest return on investment.

About Vitaza Digital

Now the preferred digital marketing partner for Crystal Capital Consulting, as well as Corporate Capital Direct, Vitaza Digital’s boutique services are used by some of South Florida’s leading organizations. Established in 2008, the agency has witnessed several evolutions in the online marketing space, and the latest updates are designed to keep it at the forefront of the industry.

One satisfied client recently stated: “Vitaza is an amazing marketing agency. It’s actually quite rare to find a marketing agency that can really follow up and deliver results, as well as provide comprehensive reports, and Vitaza is one of the very few.”

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