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Forward Water Technologies announces new Letter of Intent with Danish company Aalborg CSP

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Forward Water Technologies vice president Grant Thornley joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share important news that Forward Water Technologies has entered into a non-binding Letter of Intent with Aalborg CSP, a developer of solar thermal collectors.

Aalborg CSP specializes in solar thermal solutions that generate heat without the use of conventional fuel combustion.

Thornley said through this collaboration, Forward Water Technologies will have access to Aalborg CSP's flat panel and parabolic solar thermal solutions. These solutions will be integrated into Forward Osmosis technology systems, specifically for Direct Lithium Extraction applications. This integration will enable the use of solar thermal energy to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of Forward Water's technology.

The integration of Aalborg CSP's solar thermal offerings with Forward Water's FO technology will be particularly beneficial for Direct Lithium Extraction applications. This integration is expected to meet the specific needs of clients involved in lithium extraction, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

This partnership with Aalborg CSP is expected to accelerate the commercialization of Forward Water's industrial Solar-FO process. The integrated solution aims to address the requirements of clients in various industries, providing a more sustainable and energy-efficient approach to water and resource management.

This collaboration highlights Forward Water Technologies' commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions in the field of water and resource management. It also underscores the importance of integrating solar thermal technology into forward osmosis processes to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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