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Gainesville Cash Home Buyer: Zero Commission, Any Condition House Buying Update

With the new update, owners of unwanted properties in Gainesville and the surrounding areas can now sell their houses for cash, bypassing the hassles and delays of an agent-led process. Sellers enjoy a hands-off home-selling process as the firm handles all the details of the transaction from start to finish.

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First Call Home Buyer states that it buys all types of properties, regardless of their condition. Its cash purchase program is open to owners who want to sell due to financial difficulties, health issues, impending foreclosure, or moving and can’t wait to see the sale through the traditional route.

“When you close with us, we’ll close on your terms. There are no buyer demands or delays due to inspections, mortgage approval, or appraisals because we pay in cash,” says a company representative.

The firm offers a three-step framework that begins with a quote request from intending sellers. Once received, the local home buyer responds within 24 hours, making an all-cash offer that saves the seller money on agent commissions and fees. This cash offer, as the firm notes, is based on current market rates and has no hidden charges.

First Call Home Buyer does not require the seller to make repairs or upgrades to their property since they buy houses as-is. They offer flexible closing scheduling that allow clients to set the pace for the sale, whether for a quick sale that can be concluded in days or a much slower process.

By working with the team, the home seller can avoid the 6% commissions typically charged by realtors and the 3-6% in closing fees, thereby keeping more of the amount they receive.

With the recent update to their home purchase program, First Call Home Buyer offers property owners a more streamlined and convenient alternative to selling their houses.

The representative further added, “As your trusted local home buyer, we’re dedicated to making every offer fair and a win-win, or we don’t make it. When you work with us, you can rest assured that it will be a smooth process from start to finish.”

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