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GardnerFrankhouser, LLP is the Premier Employment Lawyer for Workers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA – Employment law is multifaceted, with many moving parts that can be difficult to navigate. This is the reason GardnerFrankhouser, LLP is in business. It is a law firm in Pittsburgh that advocates for the rights of employees with simple and complex legal matters.

Lew Gardener and Robert Frankhouser are the practicing lawyers at GardnerFrankhouser, LLP. Lew Gardner is an Employment attorney and a former human resources executive with over 3 decades of experience in private practice and in-house corporate settings. Mr. Gardener has handled many discrimination and retaliation cases in his career, representing his clients before administrative tribunals, juries, judges, and arbitrators in state and federal appellate courts. Robert Frankhouser has 2 decades of experience as a human resources executive, management labor, and employment lawyer. He puts his experience to practice by crafting and negotiating practical and business-oriented solutions addressing the needs of the former employer while also ensuring that the employee is satisfied with the results.

GardnerFrankhouser, LLP brings a fresh perspective to employment law practice by offering practical and holistic approaches to resolve employment issues. These include the workplace culture, quality of the human resources department, and the corporate political realities. Clients who use their services find this approach practical and efficient since they get the best counsel, advocacy, and an answer to their immediate and long-term career needs.

As former human resources executives, Lew and Robert have expert knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcome for their clients regarding voluntary agreements, mediation, or litigation. They use their knowledge, experience, and passion to represent clients in wage and hour claims. This service is for employees who haven’t been paid for working off the clock, per diem compensations, day rates, on-call arrangements, fluctuating workweeks, incentives, and bonus payments.

GardnerFrankhouser, LLP, is also an expert in employment agreements covering confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, retention, charge control, and equity agreements. They also offer whistleblowing services, including SEC whistleblower protections, qui tam litigation, and IRS whistleblowing protection. The Pittsburgh law firm advocates and counsels employees who have been victims of illegal discrimination and harassment at work. They also take on cases of clients who experience retaliation after reporting discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

GardnerFrankhouser also offers non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, restrictive on an individual’s employment during and after each job. These restrictions also prevent an individual from starting a new business or hiring new employees from former employers. Employees who have signed contracts and agreements without understanding the terms and conditions can also consult the lawyers to get the parameters of what is needed and how to get out of binding agreements.

To learn more about GardnerFrankhouser, LLP – Pittsburgh Employment Lawyer, call (412) 903-7720 to schedule a free consultation. Or visit their location at 7418 Brighton Rd #211, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15202, US. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit their website for more information.

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