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Geeky News Reports on MOH Malaysia’s Revised Labelling Requirement Under Food Regulation 1985

Surrey, United Kingdom Sep 12, 2023 ( – Geeky News, a leading technology and lifestyle journal, has published an insightful article titled “MOH Malaysia Revised Labelling Requirement Under Food Regulation 1985.” This informative piece highlights significant amendments to Malaysia’s Food Regulation 1985. Originally scheduled for implementation on the 22nd of July 2022, the effective date for these revisions has been rescheduled to the 1st of January 2024. Despite the delay, these amendments represent a pivotal step towards enhancing transparency in the food industry and empowering consumers with vital information about the composition of food products.

The comprehensive article delves into the key revisions introduced in Regulation 11, which specifically addresses labelling requirements for packaged food products. Under the previous regulations, manufacturers were required to use the common name of the primary ingredient. However, the recent regulatory update goes further by mandating that manufacturers use a descriptive term when there is no commonly recognised name for the primary ingredient. Moreover, manufacturers are now obligated to provide a precise description of the nature and physical form of their products, specifying whether the food is in the form of paste, powder, crackers, cordial, and more.

Another significant amendment pertains to the Quantitative Ingredient Declaration (QUID), a crucial element of food labelling. Under the revised regulations, food manufacturers must clearly state the percentage of each ingredient or category of ingredients used in the product, listed in descending order of proportion by weight. This requirement applies to any ingredient prominently featured through text, images, or graphics, as well as those that characterise the food, regardless of whether they are mentioned in the product’s name.

Additionally, the revised Food Regulation 1985 mandates that food manufacturers declare the functional class of any additives used in their products, along with their chemical name or INS number. Manufacturers must also provide information about the country of origin for products produced outside Malaysia, along with the company’s name and address.

The amendments also extend to the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP), which now includes additional nutrients such as sodium and total sugars. New food categories, such as soup, sweetened creamer, edible fat/oil, and soup stock, have been introduced under these amended regulations.

Geeky News emphasises the importance for food manufacturers to stay updated on regulatory changes and to promptly act to ensure their products comply with these new standards. Failure to meet regulatory requirements can lead to severe consequences for businesses, including substantial fines, product recalls, penalties, damage to reputation, and more.

To facilitate compliance and regulatory adherence, Geeky News recommends that businesses consider leveraging reliable AI-enabled regulatory monitoring solutions, such as RegASK. These advanced platforms employ data analysis to track regulatory changes across various countries, languages, and industries, providing companies with invaluable insights and streamlining the process of maintaining ongoing regulatory compliance.

For more details and a comprehensive overview of these crucial regulatory amendments, please read the full article on Geeky News:

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