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Gemstone Skin-Safe Botanical Sachet Powder, Handmade & In Reusable Tin Launched

The gemstone-infused skin-safe powders have been handmade in the store’s LA studio from a proprietary formula that includes carefully blended natural ingredients like essential oils. Parlour of Wonders’ new herbal powders are marketed as both a beauty product and a self-care ritual and, because of their crystal-infused blends, they believe they can be used to help users set positive intentions and affirmations.

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The store has released their new line of herbal sachets in response to an increasing interest in spiritually charged high-vibe skincare products that can also be incorporated into positive manifestation rituals. And, that can be used in diverse ways, including applied directly to the skin, added to a bath, sprinkled in an environment or dusted onto objects.

Parlour of Wonders’ diverse botanical sachet powders can be safely and easily used in all of these ways. Featuring a talc-free cornstarch base, the powders are naturally scented and comprise a combination of floral, herbal and botanical ingredients, essential oils and gemstone powders.

Sold to customers in a reusable tin with a clear lid, each one of the store’s new perfumed powders also includes a whole crystal, which has been included to energetically charge the sachet.

New blends that customers can select from include their ‘Soul Mate Sachet Powder’. This handcrafted sachet includes potent periwinkle, vanilla, and amber. It also comes with an accompanying moonstone to enhance the sachet’s skincare properties as well as its ability to help a user manifest committed love.

Alternately, blends like their new ‘Talk to Me Sachet Powder’ feature the warm, spicy notes of deer’s tongue and come with a beautiful, deep blue sodalite gemstone, and are designed to help users open up new paths of communication in their life.

Other combinations customers can now choose from include their ‘Return to Me’, ‘Sweet Reconciliation’, ‘New Romance’ and ‘True Love’ perfumed powders.

Parlour of Wonders is the online home of Madame Pamita, a Los Angeles-based crystal docent and skincare guru, who is proud to create products which are as soothing and calming for the skin as they are the spirit.

A spokesperson for the online boutique said, “To ensure you have a powerful, properly formulated self-care and beauty tool–each of our sachets is hand-crafted from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Especially designed for working on a vibrational level, these sachets are used as tools for supporting spiritual intentions. Each sachet is an original Parlour of Wonders creation–You’ll find them nowhere else!”

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