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IssueWire is ready to launch its latest edition of the monthly Digital PR Magazine and this time, users are able to gain 15% off by applying the coupon code JUNMAG15.

Las Vegas, Nevada Jun 5, 2023 ( – Time to grab more PR services as IssueWire has come up with the latest edition of its monthly business magazine. With the latest discount offer, the users are able to purchase PR services and features on the magazine at a huge discount of 15%. It is an empowering moment for business owners and individuals who can gather more organic exposure and buzz in the market by spending a fairly reasonable package that suits everyone. Regardless of the belonging industry, everybody can take complete advantage of this special discount offer. All they need to do is to apply the Coupon Code JUNMAG15 and the package will be available to purchase at a deducted amount.

IssueWire is globally well-revered for its highly effective press release writing and distribution services. The company also publishes a monthly Digital PR Magazine that offers the latest updates, success stories, technological advancement, and many other aspects of different businesses around the world. With its intricate knowledge and over a decade-long experience in the field, the company has empowered many clients and looking forward to empowering more. With its huge and effective distribution networks and a strong bond with media and journalists; the agency makes sure to provide only relevant and organic exposure that can help a business grow effectively and consistently.

The Digital Business Magazine has a huge reader base around the world and therefore, getting featured in it can help to stay ahead among the competitors. Not only does media attention but it also helps to grab the attention of the readers which includes potential customers and investors in the niche. There are client stories, client talks, articles, and a variety of other content that can shed more light on the businesses. IssueWire‘s latest discount offer comes with a big discount of 15%. Just apply the coupon code JUNMAG15, purchase a package, and witness the change in business.

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IssueWire is one of the top press release agencies around the globe that can empower every client with its highly effective and affordable PR packages. The agency is also well revered for its monthly Digital PR Magazine which is read by everyone.

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