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GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

GIGALUMI is proud to release its new range of Solar Pathway Lights for customers to enjoy. These lights run on 100% solar energy, ensuring that they always have a charge when needed. Installation is simple, and the warm light design of these solar-powered pathway lights radiates a softness that’s perfect for evenings in the garden.

Glass & Metal Design

These solar garden lights are manufactured out of glass and metal, and they are available in three varieties: brown finish with warm light, brown finish with cold light, and black finish with warm light. The matte metal gives a very refined look, and the intricate metal details around the glass light give it a very stylish appearance. They feature a long metal pole that can be inserted into the ground, with the solar panel on top to charge the batteries.

Both the brown finish and the black finish options create very unique looks that could be perfect for a garden landscape.

Easy Installation & Impressive Functionality

The Solar Pathway Lights from GIGALUMI offer the easiest installation of any landscape lighting. No wires need to be connected, and a power source isn’t necessary. Each light has a spike at the bottom that can be inserted into soft ground, keeping the lights in place. From here, the customer simply removes the isolator tab under the cab, flicks the switch on, and the lights are ready to work.

They are operated wirelessly and come with a high lumen. Effectively, this means that the irradiation range is wider, so the lights cast more light than other options. The fact the lights are encased in glass also benefits the functionality. Glass reflects more light, meaning there’s a vastly improved light output when compared to the nearest competitor.

The Advantage Of Solar Pathway Lights

These new lights have many advantages over similar products. For one, they are completely waterproof and weatherproof. The anti-rust coating on the metal surface prevents erosion, and the lights are designed to stand up to the harshest of rainstorms.

Alongside this, running on solar energy means the lights don’t cost a penny to run. Electricity bills will not be increased, yet gardens and landscapes can remain illuminated during the evening. Add the easy installation and excellent functionality to this list and you have solar-powered landscape lights that are hard to beat.

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GIGALUMI is committed to helping families find convenient and environmentally friendly lighting options for their homes. The company hopes to inspire others to switch to solar-powered lights in a bid to save the environment and reduce energy usage. At the same time, customers also benefit from easy installation and lower running costs. GIGALUMI understands just how important outdoor lighting is to the modern family. The right products can create the perfect atmosphere in a garden for the whole family to enjoy. It’s more than just a decoration; it’s an emotional company.

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