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Gilbert AZ Workers Compensation Insurance For Small Businesses

With the broker’s expanded offerings, even enterprises with 10 or fewer workers can get comprehensive protection. These plans will cover the majority of medical care and physical therapy costs should an employee get injured in the workplace.

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The newly added policies were launched so that an entrepreneur can better protect both their business and employees. Aside from covering healthcare, these plans can also replace lost wages while a person is unable to work.

Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated system designed to protect the well-being of employees in the event of injury or illness. This insurance policy also ensures that businesses will not have to shoulder the full cost treatment and wage replacement, which can prove detrimental to their bottom line.

Most plans on the market, however, are geared towards mid-sized to large companies, leaving small enterprises at a disadvantage. Insurance Brokers of Arizona solves this gap by providing policies tailored specifically for so-called microenterprises.

The brokerage works with over 40 of the country’s leading insurers, giving clients a range of policies and price points to choose from. All plans comply with Arizona’s legal requirements, giving business owners further peace of mind.

Having adequate workers’ compensation insurance also protects an employer from potential legal culpability. Employees must relinquish their right to sue a business in exchange for the benefits they receive through the plan.

To give prospective clients an idea of a policy’s cost, they may request a no-obligation quote online. They simply need to visit the broker’s website and input preliminary details about their business.

About Insurance Brokers of Arizona

Insurance Brokers of Arizona helps both individuals and businesses thrive despite the many setbacks they may encounter in life. For its affordable plans and excellent customer service, it has received over 750 positive reviews from satisfied clients.

A spokesperson says: “Providing world-class customer service with our extremely experienced and knowledgeable team — paired with our ability to understand our customers’ coverage needs — drives the success of our agency.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the company and its services.

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