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Glendale AZ Retirement Income Advisor, Financial Planning Services Announced

The firm takes the time to understand each client and devise strategies designed to match both their short-term and long-term goals. With the new update, the team incorporates technology-driven approaches that provide accurate analysis of risk, return, correlation, and diversification, helping to build a strong foundation for clients’ retirement.

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The announcement highlights the need to discuss retirement strategies, with options that can include 401k plans, different IRA types, pensions, real estate, and specific types of guaranteed investments.

“We start by establishing an open dialogue with you so we can understand your goals and work towards developing a customized financial plan for you,” explains a company spokesperson.

Many Americans face challenges when planning for retirement. According to US Census data, only around 34% of working-age individuals had a 401k plan in 2020, while just 18% had an IRA. Bedrock Investment Advisors can help clients properly plan for their financial futures and grow the value of investments over time while also protecting assets during more volatile market periods.

Retirement plans encompass multiple steps, built to evolve along with changes in the markets and economy. Advisors continuously monitor client investments and plans to ensure they remain aligned with their goals over time. This allows plans to be systematically adjusted and optimized as needed to create long-term security.

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At Bedrock Investment Advisors, clients have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an advisor who gets to know their unique circumstances and retirement visions. This allows for a more friendly and personalized service, so every client has a touchpoint within the company. Each financial blueprint is crafted to address that client’s particular objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

A spokesperson states: “We offer an entire range of components that together make up your whole financial picture – for both now and well into the future. We also honor the fiduciary standards because we know trust is a vital element of the process.”

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