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Global Crypto Banking For High-Risk Businesses | Online Account Opening Launched

The advisory group has recently partnered with offshore banks that cater to high-risk businesses, including those in the foreign exchange and online gaming space. These international banks have wide risk acceptance, making them a viable alternative to more conservative brick-and-mortar financial institutions.

More information about SAXE Global LTD’s banking services is available at

Each of these banking partners has SWIFT and SEPA payment methods, allowing them to facilitate cross-border transactions quickly. Since they are located outside of the US, UK, and EU, these institutions are not subject to the overly strict guidelines imposed on traditional banks.

To make the process even more straightforward, account opening can be done entirely online. Clients will be given a portal where they can fill out a form and download the onboarding files. As part of regulatory requirements, they will also be asked to accomplish a “Know Your Client” document.

Once the application is processed, clients will receive account log-in details from their chosen offshore bank. Each account holder will be assigned a dedicated bank manager who will provide hands-on service. SAXE Global LTD also offers 24/7 customer support to address any concerns that might arise, as well as to manage relations with banking partners.

SAXE Global LTD also provides complimentary consultations to help clients determine which banking provider best fits their needs.


SAXE Global LTD’s service acknowledges the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the international market. According to data from Bankrate, there is currently over $800 billion invested in various “decentralized finance” instruments as of this year.

Despite this significant figure, many conventional banks are wary of novel or unproven currencies, severely limiting the options available to high-risk businesses that have crypto assets. SAXE Global LTD seeks to bridge this gap with its network of trusted offshore digital banks.

“Providing businesses with more options for their financial needs is one of the things that drive us here at SAXE Global LTD. We know that companies in volatile industries need solutions that work for them and our banking services enable that,” said Isaac Saxe, Group CEO of the firm.

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