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Gold & Silver Precious Metal Investment Dealer Direct Purchasing Services Launch

With its newly launched services, 7k Metals gives both beginners and experienced investors access to a cost-effective way of buying physical gold and silver, such as bullion and coins to protect their wealth.

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The recently launched service also offers a range of options for individuals to obtain and store their precious metals in a secure vault or to have collectible coins sent directly to their homes.

As many individuals are feeling the impact of current global circumstances on their personal finances, the need to protect wealth and create financial independence is becoming more important than ever. This need, coupled with the long-term resilience of precious metals investments, is leading to an increase in those looking to purchase gold and silver. 7k Metals’ service gives investors the ability to obtain precious metals with dealer-direct prices.

Due to the consistent demand for gold and silver, the value of precious metals is resilient to most market fluctuations and events. This intrinsic nature makes precious metals an ideal means of building both individual and generational wealth while also being affordable to the average person.

By giving members access to buying gold with direct-dealer pricing, the service is able to save individuals money by eliminating the costs of using a middleman, which can often include the expense of commissions and fees. Furthermore, the service has no minimum or maximum investments, giving investors complete freedom and control over the amounts they wish to purchase.

To ensure investors can purchase their precious metals in the form they want, 7k Metals allows members to buy gold and silver bullion as well as collectible coins. Investors can also arrange for rare and high-graded coins to be delivered directly to their door each month.

Those looking to get started buying precious metals without the cost of middlemen can sign up for a membership through Four Percent Rock’s website. The site also has several videos that explain the system and its benefits in further detail.

A spokesperson for Four Percent Rocks said, “This service makes it easy for you to save your fiat currency in physical gold or silver, even if you’re on a budget.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Four Percent Rocks

4801 Laguna Blvd 105 252

United States

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