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Great Escape Travel’s Affordable Luxury website Proudly Risks Defying Convention

Earlier today, Great Escape Travel Blog announced the beginning of its new affordable luxury travel recommendations for the Mediterranean region, which has been in development since July 2022. The main aim is to help their audience find ‘better than retail’ price travel and affordable luxury without the online confusion and wasted hours trawling through travel sites which all offer the same thing…. but it does so, with a difference.

Anna, founder at Great Escape Travel Blog, says: “We wanted to try something new with this affordable luxury finder service. Anyone familiar with the Travel market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to just publish the same offers from the same suppliers which often include a huge commission mark up, and many of these products and services are owned by the same company. This is a problem because it doesn’t give people true choice, just an appearance of it, while at the same time, still applying the same commission rate to your booking”.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Great Escape Travel Blog will instead give their audience options which aren’t pushed to the top of the search engine results with paid advertising but actually offer holiday makers discounted choices without the hefty commission mark ups charged by the retails travel site and traditional travel agents.. Great Escape Travel Blog chose to make this move because we were often being approached by friends and family who needed travel to be more affordable to make it possible for them to travel, and easier for them to find these options. Their website contains content which provides their readers with this valuable information:

Anna also said “Better choice is what we want to provide our audience. A choice of the best prices because we researched them for our readers first – so they don’t have to spend hours trawling through the multitude of website which often just offer the same thing from the same parent company. With our new affordable luxury finder service, they have a fresh new possibility. We want our audience to feel like they really have a choice without the hefty commission price tag imposed upon them. We also want them to feel rewarded for their choices which is why we have introduced a ‘complimentary hotel stay’ for all those that book with the recommendations made. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk that’s worth taking.”

Great Escape Travel Blog has been in business for a year, being established in in 2022. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to to provide the best travel choices and options to their audience without the hefty commission price tag, or hours spent searching for the best rates.

This won’t be the first time Great Escape Travel Blog defies convention either. Very soon they will cause more of a stir when they start offering a complimentary hotel stay with people who book travel through their recommendations and start contests for their audience to win luxury hotel stays in locations like Cancun, Miami and Dubai. Follow them online or social media to hear more about this! Facebook Page:

The new affordable luxury website for the Mediterranean regions is available now. To find out more about the service and Great Escape Travel Blog, it’s possible to visit

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