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Greensboro Monarch Raising | Feeding Rare Butterflies Home Guide Released

The established author and instructor lends her years of experience to show people how to raise healthy butterflies at home, having captured all her valuable lessons into a new book.

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Jeanne Megel’s recently released guidebook will be valuable to lovers of nature and butterfly enthusiasts who wish to learn about the rare monarch butterfly species while helping to rebuild its dwindling population.

Titled “Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home,” the book offers instructions on the best practices for raising monarch butterflies into maturity. Readers learn about collecting butterfly eggs, feeding caterpillars, monitoring chrysalises, administering first aid, and releasing the butterflies once they reach adulthood.

According to the environmental conservation non-profit Group For The East End, the monarch butterfly (also known as Danaus Plexippus) is one of the unique and fragile species in the butterfly family. In the US, its species are native to the Appalachian Mountains region.

Aside from historical background and step-by-step guidance, readers will also learn first-hand from Jeanne’s experience helping with successful programs at conservation establishments. This includes work carried out at The Cole Family Monarch Conservation Center and Butterfly House at the Greensboro Science Center in Greensboro, NC.

Jeanne’s motivation stems from the experience she gained in the Amazon jungle, where she learned about the existing threat of shrinking biodiversity around the world. These led her to become more passionate about conservation and rare species like magical monarchs.

About the Author

Jeanne Megel is a butterfly expert, master gardener, and certified PADI Divemaster who is dedicated to seeing a complete revival of monarch butterflies into a thriving species. She resides in North Carolina and shares her time between speaking engagements and writing educational books from her experiences.

A reviewer said, “Jeanne’s book is the complete guide to raising healthy monarch butterflies at home. It is based on eight years of research and personal experience, successes, failures, and discoveries. The guidebook contains helpful information about selecting and raising the food source, the equipment she uses, and safety practices to be followed.”

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