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Halifax Medical Aesthetic Training Courses For CoolSculpting Technicians Launch

The announcement comes with Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy looking to bring emerging estheticians into a quickly-expanding industry from all over the country. Through a hybrid-study platform, its new courses are built to be accessible to career-minded individuals beyond its academy locations.

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As such, Halifax learners can now apply for enrollment in a program founded on the premise of empowering women to become proficient in the performance of high-tech aesthetic treatments. CoolSculpting and other aesthetic enhancement devices are among the systems given extensive focus throughout Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s new course material.

Though several of its courses are geared toward those with existing field credentials, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy also provides beginner-tailored routes to qualification. Countering common situations whereby Canadians feel constrained or unchallenged by their current careers, the academy seeks to help them realize their potential to thrive.

Says an academy representative: “Whether you’re a recent high school graduate seeking an alternative to a traditional college or an experienced medical aesthetics professional aiming to advance your skills and earning potential, Dermysk Academy understands the uncertainties and aspirations that drive your journey.”

To that end, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy offers its courses as part of a rapid-learning program that delivers industry certification after a condensed period. It aims to help learners attain and develop field-relevant skills in mere weeks – rather than the years typically expected during traditional schooling.

Providing high school graduates with the tools to achieve their medical aesthetics ambitions, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s courses combine educational material, training resources, and mentorship from skilled professionals.

They also span online modules and hands-on training, with students offered intensive instruction and one-to-one support. Mixing theory and practical learning, the program’s curriculum comprises guidance on safety, ethics, and conduct – essentially preparing students to start a viable clinical technician career following graduation.

Introducing its program, a spokesperson said: “Our meticulously crafted courses seamlessly blend the principles of science, the finesse of artistry, and the latest cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that you emerge as a true industry trailblazer.”

French and English customer service options are available via Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s official website, with prospective learners in Halifax and throughout Canada given an express invitation to make inquiries.

Interested parties in Halifax and beyond can find further details about Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy and its nationwide courses at

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