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Hand-Dyed Floss For Punch Needle & Cross Stitch, New Color Variegates Launched

The thread makers have long been trusted by the North American crafting community and have previously pioneered several types of unique punch needle and cross stitch floss in both 3-strand and 6-ply sizes. Now, they have developed a new collection of distinctive color variegates that have all been hand-dyed by their expert team.

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With both punch needle and cross stitch becoming increasingly popular amongst North American craftists, Valdani appreciates that sewists are looking for threads that can set their project apart.

While both punch needle and cross stitch are naturally dimensional and textured handicrafts, Valdani believes that their variegated threads, which partner several colors together to make a harmonious multi-hued appearance, can add further visual interest and create more standout one-of-a-kind final products.

The new variegated collection contains spring, summer, winter and fall tones, with some threads designed with very subtle transitions and others with more bold contrasting hues.

As a part of their new variegated collection, Valdani has a new Muddy Monet line which features gentle, muted spring-style hues. Colors like Sweet Violets, Pale Petals, Muddy Pots, Spring Leaves and Herb Garden are all recommended to punch needle and cross stitch makers who want to create a soft and dreamy final piece.

Also popular is their new nostalgic and retro Vintage Hues Sampler line with popular new shades including their very 60s and 70s Vintage Pastels and Vintage Lavender, and their more antique-inspired Rusted Orange, Old Rose and Withered Blue.

As thread specialists and leaders, Valdani only uses the finest quality perle cotton long-staple threads. They naturally hand-dye their threads because it produces beautiful results and makes them 100% colorfast.

Valdani has been serving the North American craft community since 1998. In addition to creating punch needle and cross stitch floss, they also manufacture and retail one of the largest collections of thread for machine sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, and more.

A spokesperson for the thread makers said, “Valdani is the manufacturer of the largest and most beautiful palette of variegated threads for punch needle and cross-stitch. Choose from hundreds of hand-dyed variegated colors in many different weights.”

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