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Healthy Me Medical Therapies is a Leading Center for Detection, Prevention, and Correction of Medical & Lifestyle Imbalances in Miami Shores, FL

Miami Shores, FL – Led by an exceedingly qualified and devoted medical professional, Dr. Carlos Sanchez, Healthy Me Medical Therapies is a full-service and unique center offering comprehensive medical approaches to attain optimal health for its patients in Miami Shores, FL. The staff is dedicated to detect, prevent and correct any medical and lifestyle imbalances that can easily result in poor health and chronic diseases.

Healthy Me Medical Therapies has a lot to offer to its patients, including erectile dysfunction medical services, Iv therapy infusions and boosters, ketamine infusion therapy, weight management, chelation therapy, and medical marijuana recommendation services.

For patients looking for prompt and dependable Erectile Dysfunction treatment, Healthy Me Medical Therapies professionals specialize in investigating and diagnosing the root of such infections, and more. Once a patient presents their Erectile Dysfunction complaint, specialists at the health center will strive to quickly determine the cause by using advanced tests to rule out the cause. Whether it is a decline in sexual, physical, or mental malfunctions that affect one’s erectile peak performances, highly qualified specialists will immediately check out the sexual and thyroid hormone levels before setting out to find out more.

According to specialists and the International Society for Sexual Medicine, an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism and overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism cause fatigue, low mood, and reduced sex drive. These signs and symptoms make it hard to feel aroused or attain an erection causing erectile dysfunction issues in many people. Also, a rise in thyroid in men often leads to premature ejaculation, while low thyroid causes delayed ejaculation.

Similarly, other processes involved in attaining and maintaining an excellent erection relate to thyroid hormone imbalances, such as interferences with thyroid hormones that regulate testosterone production, which is the primary male sex hormone. Additionally, imbalanced thyroid hormones lead to weakened production of molecules essential in regulating blood vessels that supply the penis, affecting its ability to attain an adequate erection. When a patient has these or more complaints, Healthy Me Medical Therapies doctors will help determine the best modality for such issues.

However, since thyroid hormones aren’t the only cause of erectile issues, doctors at the medical clinic will ensure thorough investigation to diagnose and treat the problems correctly and educate on how to prevent them without a hassle.

Apart from offering the above-mentioned services, Healthy Me Medical Therapies doctors are also devoted to helping patients with severe depressions. With their ketamine infusion therapy, specialists carefully infuse low-dose treatments and closely monitor the patient’s progress. This is because a large amount of ketamine can cause more harm than good, especially after reports indicate patients administered with large amounts of ketamine suffered sound and sight inabilities.

At Healthy Me Medical Therapies, the good news is that professionals strive to avoid medical malpractices, making the center a dependable healthcare avenue for most people. Also, one will enjoy weight management and other reliable medical services from the center’s specialists.

Healthy Me Medical Therapies is located at 9600 NE 2 Avenue Street, Miami Shores, FL, 33138 U.S. For inquiries, contact reliable and trustworthy doctors via phone at (786) 731-4238 or visit the medical center’s website for additional information.

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Healthy Me Medical Therapies
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