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Heat Therapy Gel Wraps For Sprained Ankle Recovery, Hot Packs Collection Update

Cool Relief’s new hot packs contain removable soft gel inserts that can be heated in the microwave to provide targeted and continuous thermal therapy for the body’s major joints. The flexible wraps mold to the shape of the joint, enabling the wearer to stay mobile during treatment.

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Used after swelling has subsided, the wraps can help to keep muscles pliable during injury recovery, relieve soreness, and improve the mobility of arthritic joints. Heat therapy opens the blood vessels and increases joint circulation.

For recovery from a sprained ankle, Cool Relief recommends its Soft Gel Wrap that covers both the foot and ankle area. Velcro straps allow for the wrap to be adjusted to fit most sizes. Inserts should be heated in the microwave for small intervals of up to 20 seconds until the desired temperature is reached. The company advises against heating the product for longer than this to prevent the risk of burning.

For post-surgery rehab, post-workout muscle recovery enhancement, and knee pain treatment, Cool Relief recommends its lightweight compression sleeve wrap. It provides optimal coverage and a snug yet comfortable fit.

The store also provides shoulder wraps designed to enable free arm movement. The company recommends this wrap to soothe muscle strains, relieve tendonitis pain, and aid recovery from injuries such as rotator cuff tears.

In addition to providing thermal therapy, Cool Relief’s soft gel technology can be cooled for use as ice treatment. Ice packs restrict blood flow and are therefore ideal for reducing inflammation and swelling around injuries.

Cool Relief LLC provides a wide range of heat therapy and personal cooling solutions for athletic injuries and joint conditions. Its medical-grade products have been used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and trainers.

A satisfied customer said: “I just had knee replacement surgery, and this works great. It wraps around my knee and then the velcro holds it in place. Even in bed, it stays on my knee area.”

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