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Helping End Pet Homelessness: Hills Pet Nutrition teams up with NBCUniversal Local for Month-long Clear the Shelters Campaign to Inspire Pet Adoption Nationwide!

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Since its inception in 2015, NBCUniversal Locals Clear the Shelters campaign has helped more than 860,000 pets find homes and hopes to reach a new milestone this year – one million pets adopted.

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Put Your Best Paw Forward: How Volunteering Helps Save The Lives of Shelter Pets

Animal shelters across the country are in crisis as millions of pets are entering shelters but a growing number are not being adopted; In fact, more than 6.3 million animals enter shelters each year and in 2022 alone, 90,000 more cats and dogs entered shelters than were adopted.

The Clear the Shelters campaign comes at a critical time as pet adoptions are slowing and shelters are facing extreme challenges with overcrowding and stretched resources.

For more than two decades, Hills Pet Nutrition has focused on helping end pet homelessness through supporting shelter pet adoption, including its long-term support of the Clear the Shelters campaign.

Hills Pet Nutrition is working to understand barriers to pet adoption and in a new survey of 1,500 pet owners, learned that high-quality photography is a simple, powerful tool in increasing a pets chance of adoption and reducing the time they spend in a shelter. Studies have shown that dogs with good adoption photos are typically adopted within two weeks, compared to 43 days for a pet with a poor photo.

Quality photography helps showcase a pets true personality, create a deeper connection and inspire more individuals to consider adoption. 95% of pet adopters found photos to be important to the process. 7 in 10 online adopters considered a specific pet because of its photo. More than half of online adopters (58%) felt an emotional connection because of the pets photo. Hills is proud to team up with award-winning animal photographer and shelter advocate Sophie Gamand to offer simple but impactful photography tips anyone can use with their cell phones to help shelter pets put their best paw forward.

To help pets find homes more quickly, volunteers are needed to help their local shelters with intake photographs of pets, as well as other activities ranging from exercising and socializing pets to administrative tasks to at-home fostering.

Whether you donate, volunteer, foster, or adopt, your support matters. Together, we can create positive change.

Adopt: If youre ready to open your heart to a loyal and loving companion, visit to find a shelter near you.

Volunteer: Shelters are in desperate need of volunteers. You can put your photography skills to good use by volunteering to help take quality photos of pets in shelters to help them find a new home faster. And even if photography isnt your thing, shelters can also use extra hands.

Donate: Consider donating at where 100% of donations go directly to shelters and rescues in need.

Foster: Open your home to a pet in need by providing temporary housing to help reduce overcrowding and help a pet prepare for adoption.

Join the movement and make a life-saving difference for shelter pets everywhere by visiting

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