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Hewlett, NY Wedding Brunch & Afterparty Mobile Food Catering Services Expanded

The move comes as STUF’D looks to further improve local New York access to gourmet catering options for parties and celebrations. Based in Brooklyn, STUF’D operates luxury food trucks dispatched throughout the city – offering full-service catering or post-event snack supplying duties as needed.

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Expanding its mobile catering services increases the company’s citywide presence, with its team ready to provide food for weddings, brunches, and after-parties in Hewlett and beyond.

Wedding after-parties typically call for a more relaxed wind-down after the formality of receptions – with STUF’D offering custom cuisine accordingly. Depending on the type of event, number of guests, requested location, and the presence of children, STUF’D works with customers to create suitable menus that satisfy all tastes.

“Let us cater to you,” says a STUF’D spokesperson. “We will tend to any event, no matter how big or small. Our most popular events are weddings and birthday parties. We’ll even deliver to offices to cater your next breakfast, lunch, or happy hour event. Tell us what you need – we will make your day special and make sure you leave STUF’D.”

STUF’D remains renowned in NYC for its varied menus, offering themed selections tailored for swanky wedding celebrations and casual afterparty affairs, as needed. The company’s official website features an extensive gallery showcasing its options, ranging from sliders and desserts to meatballs and hors d’oeuvres.

Its other delicacies include popular snacks and dishes tailored to meet the demands of large-scale guest lists or more intimate events. In addition to American and Mexican-style grilled cheese and sandwiches, STUF’D also offers vegetarian and kosher-friendly choices – appealing to a wider variety of culinary preferences.

STUF’D has established long standing collaborations with leading corporate brands, deploying its expert team for hosting both public and private events throughout NYC. With a rapidly filling calendar, STUF’D is now venturing into pool parties, tournament catering, and exciting brand activations for their forthcoming events.

One satisfied customer remarked: “We hired a few trucks to thank our 300+ labor crew. I had the grilled cheese which had I think three different cheeses on it. Quite a few people told me the pork sandwich was amazing. STUF’D was nothing but professional and its food was delicious. We would definitely hire again for future events.”

Bookings can be made online or via its over-the-phone contact listings.

Interested parties in Hewlett, Garden City, Syosset, Oceanside, Franklin Square and across Long Island can find further details about STUF’D and its range of local catering options at

178 Varick Avenue

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