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Historical Slavic Ukrainian Folklore Spiritual Book & Guide Launched

Inspired by the author’s Ukrainian heritage, this new pagan manual explores Slavic folklore while guiding readers through ancient rituals and crafts that can be applied to their own spiritual practice. Madame Pamita has structured the text around a retelling of the traditional fairy tale, ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’, interspersed with her own commentary and teachings.

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The launch of this title offers customers an insight into Ukrainian culture and an alternative branch of spirituality, combining legend and history for an engaging read.

The narrative is centered around Baba Yaga, a fictional deformed old woman who is prevalent in Slavic literature. Madame Pamita explains how despite this grandmother figure often being portrayed as an evil character, her wisdom encourages empowerment and transformation that can enrich the reader’s life.

Amidst extracts of fairy tale, the book offers easy-to-understand guides for writing incantations and creating authentic Slavic crafts and talismans. These include Ukrainian folk embroidery, poppets and wreaths woven with herbs.

Published by Llewellyn Publications, this 336-page oversized book features over 50 detailed illustrations by tattoo artist Sara Koncilja.

The new book is available from the Parlour Of Wonders website for $26.99. With this addition to her collection, Madame Pamita offers interested parties the opportunity to have their copy of the book signed with a personalized inscription of their choice.

About Parlour of Wonders

Parlour Of Wonders is an online emporium offering spiritual coaching, instructional videos and an expansive range of homeware, candles, infused botanical oils and self-care items.

With the release of ‘Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft’, the store continues to expand its line of mystical books for customers seeking to live more intentionally and learn about Madame Pamita’s work.

A spokesperson for the website said “With a bounty of tips and information, this new book teaches you to embrace the beauty and power of these traditional practices. You’ll sit at Baba Yaga’s side and listen to her stories about the birth of the sun, the land of the blessed ones, and the spirits that live right beside us.”

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