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Houston Feeding Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars & Egg Collection | Book Launched

Based on 8 years of research, this new book comprehensively explores Monarch care, from planting a butterfly garden to releasing adults in to the wild. The text covers the pitfalls and problems that enthusiasts may stumble upon during the process, garnered from Jeanne’s wealth of experience, successes and discoveries.

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With the launch of this book, Jeanne aims to demonstrate how raising Monarchs is an accessible and affordable way for nature enthusiasts to protect their local environment.

As leading pollinators, butterflies play a vital role in the ecosystems of North America. However, the Monarch is currently at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, climate change and the use of pesticides, with scientists estimating a 80% decline in the population over the last two decades.

The author praises establishments such as the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for working to protect the species. This immersive rainforest exhibit is home to over 1,500 butterflies and an educational center, the Brown Hall of Entomology.

For residents of Houston and the surrounding areas who are keen to attract insects to their own homes, Megel provides a step-by-step guide to creating a thriving Monarch garden, including how to collect their eggs and feed their caterpillars.

The new book also raises awareness of the importance of monitoring the health of home butterfly populations and following safety procedures to reduce the spread of parasites and diseases.

About Jeanne Megel

A biology graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, Megel fell in love with Monarchs when she moved to Florida and discovered their threatened status. After learning to hand-raise and release around 500 adults every season, she developed an educational program to encourage local groups to do the same.

The launch of her book builds on this course, covering all aspects of Monarch raising from first aid to recognizing health concerns.

A satisfied reader said, “Jeanne is not only knowledgeable about butterflies, she has successful first-hand experience providing a safe haven for caterpillars. You will have a first rate learning experience that will prepare you to increase the pollinators in your yard.”

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