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iDrawAi – Unleash your Creativity!

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London, United Kingdom Jun 6, 2023 ( – Visiting Mars is not possible in real life yet but it is at iDrawAi!

iDrawAi asks players to draw an image based on an interesting phrase (an example being: “A Tabby Cat playing the acoustic guitar on the moon!”).

Players need to create a drawing swiftly on device with their fingers before the time runs out, after which several AI augmented images are generated for the user to pick their favourite. The favourite is then sent for ratings against other real players (be it live or as a replay).

Players need to create the most liked AI artworks and compete on the world stage, in this new and novel game offering. Our game combines cutting edge AI models to augment simple drawings by players in a multiplayer, artistic generative creative experience. This is a fun and mildly competitive experience – suitable for all ages and user types.

How it started?
We were prototyping with Ai tech and realised that generative Ai requires thorough thinking about phrases to generate and can be challenging and time consuming.

iDrawAi addresses this issue by simplifying the process and making it more ‘visual’ and engaging as players don’t have to write any text. In addition to all this good stuff, our game is also a great teacher – players of all ages can turn their primitive and swift doodles into works of art.

This creates the opportunity to learn the relationship between shapes, colours, words, phrases and ultimately composition and understanding. We believe this game will revolutionise learning together between family members of all ages.

Available on AppStore and Google Play!

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