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iHackGaming Announces Its Intention To Leverage AI Machine Learning For Game Analysis

The popular gaming company iHackGaming, is worlds first company using AI machine learning for iGaming Analysis and prediction. 

[Singapore] – The popular gaming, iHackGaming, has emerged as a pioneer in making smart use of artificial intelligence in order to cut down the popularity of online gambling. Their website uses machine learning for the sake of analyzing the games and making accurate predictions. 

This Entrepreneurship and Business Intelligence Company aims to invent new technology regarding baccarat hack and sports prediction using AI , Machine Learning, and data science in hopes of contributing major advantage to society .

At a recent press meet, Jack Tam, the CEO of the company, was quoted as saying, “AI Technology will not just replace manpower, it’s rather used to build a healthy society. When people can use technology for the sake of analyzing the results of games and making predictions, it will lead to big losses for the gambling company and can lead to a habit break.” 

Elaborating on the comment Cathy Jing, the COO of the company, adds, ““Nothing is impossible when it comes to artificial intelligence, and so it can truly achieve the right results as we desire and disrupt the online gambling industry. Everything is possible in Machine Learning!”

Their 3 in 1 AI tool for analysis has been getting critical acclaim from the leading industry experts and comes with an accompanying app that is basically a Baccarat system hack program that returns an accurate reference to losing or winning rate percentage to give users the best chance to score a win. This iHackGaming Sports & Baccarat Analytic Software penetrates directly into the Sa Gaming, allowing a user to make real money with high precision.

Currently, the officials at iHackGaming are hoping to leverage the undeniable power of AI in several other niches as it believes that the smart use of modern-day technology can significantly impact the world around us. 

Those who would like to know more about how this company works and avail their services should make it a point to visit 

About iHackGaming

iHackGaming is a popular company that works in the artificial intelligence sector. The company wants to eradicate the different vices in the society like gambling by using AI to predict game results and analysis accurately.

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