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Immigration Lawyer Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch Talks About Title 42 & Its Effects

Austin immigration lawyer Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law talks about the end of Title 42 and how it affects those seeking asylum in the United States. In recent interviews with NBCLX and Jeff Angelo on Need to Know program, Kate shares her knowledge and opinion on the changes happening at the border.

Title 42 is a rule implemented in 2020 that allowed U.S. authorities to quickly remove migrants seeking asylum at the border using the Covid-19 pandemic as justification. With its end, the United States will get back to the immigration system it had before, where migrants can go through an orderly system to seek asylum from the United States.

However, the U.S. now faces a backlog of asylum seekers. According to Kate, they are migrants who have been waiting for a chance to seek protection for the past three years. The administration will now focus on handling this backlog in order to get back to the system and process asylum seekers in an orderly process.

With the end of Title 42, Kate remains hopeful as the country returns to the system it had in place before, where refugees fleeing persecution from their home countries are given a chance to receive fair screening at the U.S. border.

Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch is an immigration attorney in Texas. As the Owner and CEO of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, she has done significant work helping people in their journey to legally remain in the United States. Various institutions have recognized her work, as evidenced by the awards she has received, including the Travis County Women Lawyers Pathfinder’s Award in 2023, the Super Lawyers in 2022, and the Austin Monthly Top Immigration Lawyer in the same year. With Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, she continues to protect the rights of immigrants in the United States.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is an award-winning immigration firm based in Austin, Texas. It is dedicated to assisting immigrants in obtaining legal status in the United States. The firm’s team of Austin immigration lawyers has years of experience in dealing with cases related to immigration, including asylum petitions, green cards, visas, citizenships, and deportation cases.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law helps individuals who seek better opportunities in the United States. They believe that immigrants deserve a better life and that those treated inhumanely in their home nations should be able to seek protection in the United States.

For any immigration-related concerns, visit Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s office at 1005 East 40th St., Austin, TX 78751, or call (855) 502-0555.

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