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Introducing Holistic Cure For All Ailments – Energy Medicine

Introducing a new-age, sustainable form of medicine that is holistic and takes into consideration all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life – energy medicine. It challenges the modern medical approach to healing which ignores the crucial mind-body-heart connect.

Nidhu B Kapoor, one of India’s top energy medicine practitioners and holistic healers says, “One of the ways illnesses or diseases are healed today is a fragmentation of the mind and body – the doctor either treats as a GP (or surgeon) or a psychiatrist (psychologist) and neither communicates with the other – they work independently. This is not holistic. Energy medicine considers that how one thinks and feels show up in their life because the body constantly responds.”

Studies over the years have proven that long-term exposure to stress, distress, illness or unhealthy habits related to eating, drinking, sleeping increases the amount of toxins in the body. As per energy medicine, this also causes life’s energies to get blocked, choked or stagnated and can show up as ill health in one’s relationships, such as with –

1. The self (showing in patterns of severe self-criticism, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, no self-respect, despair, addictions, chronic insecurity, mental disorders, weight struggles, procrastination, etc.)

2. Others (showing in patterns of abuse, disharmony, competition with partners/friends, unsustainability, unable to give or receive love, withdrawal, jealousy, judgemental-criticising behaviours, superiority/inferiority complex)

3. Money (showing in patterns of inconsistency, lack of savings, monitoring down to the last penny, constant anxiety over paying bills, inability to ask for one’s worth, unable to give or receive monies)

4. The universe (showing in patterns of distrust, lack of faith, a chronic sense of unworthiness, debilitating fear and an inability to heal)

Nidhu emphasises, “The end result of stuck energies is always negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour, reflecting in stuckness in different areas of life such as relationships, money, good health and a deeper connection with God. However, the key to moving forward is to realise that all stuckness is a stuck, stagnating energy flow and that there is one, and only one, medicine available for this!”

Energy medicine works on the principle of the Law of Attraction where everything is energy and like attracts like. So the more toxins pile up, the more toxins one attracts. Having said that, energy medicine has the potential to detox, cleanse, unblock and heal everybody from all angles enabling them to live a better, balanced and more empowered life.

Some of the benefits of energy medicine are known to be –

  • Feeling better, right from the early stages along with receiving messages, insights, gifts, money and opportunities within 24 hours
  • Immediate ease in relationships
  • Confidence in the workplace – presentations, meetings, and appraisals just aren’t that stressful anymore!
  • More calm, clarity and smiles
  • Releasing excess weight over time as excess weight is a pile-up of all that has not been processed

It is worth noting that the detoxification process while using energy medicine can involve the symptoms getting worse, heavy head, feeling unwell or tired, need for rest, or having sudden hunger or emotional outbursts. The symptoms depend on the amount of stuck energies in the body – the more the stuck energy, the more severe the detox symptoms.

Here are some energy medicines that are a part of daily life –

1. Breathing. Meditation and Pranayamas are an ancient form of energy medicine. The breath gets in the essence of the universe aka life force aka prana along with the oxygen the physical body requires. The practice of taking 10 breaths when angry is proof of this

2. Yoga (also based on the power of the breath, it flows to specific body parts/organs/chakras in specific asanas/poses)

3. Walking, as it regulates the breath

4. Exposure to sights, smells, sounds and touches (the senses are another way of being constantly exposed to the energies around). Nidhu adds to this, “Visits to museums, paintings, fragrances in the houses, music/mantras, massages, carrying babies, and hugging are all healing modalities!”

5. Exercise. In moving the body, blocked energies in the body rise and if this is combined with energy medicine techniques like meditation or pranayama, the results are significantly enhanced

6. Sattvic food i.e. a vegan diet, which is prescribed for all dreaded diseases like cancer or autoimmune diseases, is energy medicine for the body. Everything that is nourishing in the body is nourishing outside it and vice versa

7. Thinking good, positive thoughts

8. Prayer and Gratitude activities. Giving thanks in writing, in thought or in prayer instantly activates a powerful current of peace and joy in the energy fields.

9. Ashwagandha. One of the most potent herbs in energy medicine.

10. Giving and sharing. This is second last on the list because it is hard to do so when in dis-ease or lower vibrations. It becomes energy medicine ONLY when done willingly because the current activated is one of abundance and faith that there is enough.

The Decrees can be added as a part of daily life. Owner and shared of The Decrees, Nidhu says, “The Decrees are a cutting-edge technology – the fastest brain upgrader and habit changer in the world! It is an alchemy of words and that is all one has to do – just say them! Not tried The Decrees yet? Whaaat!”

There are several success stories with The Decrees – like Leena manifested USD 6,445 / Rs 5,00,000 in one day! Vaishali’s 2-month back pain went in a day! Elizabeth’s 30-year-old knee pain was gone in minutes! Gina’s bloating and sugar cravings reduced! 1,000s more have experienced such tangible results.

Click the link below to experience energy medicine by joining 3 simple challenges where one is required to spend 5 minutes for 5 days with The Decrees to (i) release excess weight (ii) double the bank balance and (iii) achieve super positivity quickly and with ease:

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