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Living Life Large Sculpture

Elena Bulatova is a master at her craft and creates artwork in a wide range of scales. For years, her three dimensional artworks have been enhancing interiors, displayed on pedestals, placed in public parks and even luxuriously displayed poolside. In her most impressive feat yet, Bulatova uses her talents to create larger-than-life sculptures that stun viewers and transform any environment, from indoors to outdoors.

One sculpture that has grown in scale is the whimsical upside down “Ice-Cream Cone”. Bulatova has accomplished this artwork in several sizes and editions, including a version that mounts onto the wall. This sculpture, inspired by Bulatova’s “Sweet Life” Collection makes a statement with the carefree shape and the playful attitude, featuring Bulatova’s trademark bright and happy colors. Suitable for any environment these sweet treats are featured in private homes and public venues for all to enjoy.

In a playful take on a childhood game, “Rubik’s Cube”, Elena Bulatova’s first large-scale, public sculpture in Canada was debuted looking just as colorful and stimulating as the real toy. This groundbreaking event took place this year 2022, in Altona, Manitoba, Canada, at the Gallery in the Park. This colorful cube spans seven feet in height, standing poised on a rainbow of what looks like dripping paint!

In Hollywood, Bulatova’s large-scale Lollipops and Popsicles have graced the screens of millions through several popular and recent television series. Also in the spring of this year, 2022, Bulatova debuted a seven foot “Flower Bear” during the Coachella Valley Music and Hearts in Southern California. This large scale bear is made to look like roses, and can be seen in several different colors.

Internationally renowned for color, imagination, and positivity, Bulatova’s largest sculptures can be seen in film, gracing museums, and as decor around the private estates. These larger-than-life symbols deliver a message about luxury and excess, pleasure and consumer culture as well as the sweetest side of life!

Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas
3720 South Las Vegas Boulevard

United States

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