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Local Columbia Plumber Stresses Importance of Sewer Camera Inspections This Fall

Plumb Time Plumbing & Drain Services LLC, a locally-owned and family-operated plumbing services company with more than 20 years of experience in the Columbia, South Carolina area, is stressing the importance of sewer camera inspections as the fall season arrives, ensuring its customers that anything from leaks to clogs can be detected before they turn into disasters with the proper technique.

According to Plumb Time representatives, there are four major areas a professional sewer line inspection can address: a leak or water break, the elimination of unnecessary digging and guesswork, the determination of a pipe’s condition and reference video for a homeowner’s records or insurance purposes. What’s more, the utilization of a sewer inspection camera remains a relatively non-intrusive way to determine the condition of pipes, notably when a new home is purchased.

“Fear of the unknown is daunting, but lying awake at night wondering about the condition of one’s plumbing pipes or what’s clogging a drain shouldn’t be our customers’ reality,” explains Manny Anderson, owner of Plumb Time Plumbing & Drain Services. “As a local Columbia plumber, we’ve been stressing to our customers that while the pictures our plumbers take won’t be pretty, the camera attached to the end of a flexible rod used by our pros will find plumbing problems before they turn into disasters.”

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Plumb Time representatives like Manny Anderson demonstrate to customers the telltale signs of water leaks and the hidden clues that there’s something not quite right about their plumbing, and while the not-so-subtle signs might be enough to reveal where water is escaping pipes, sewer inspection cameras used by a licensed plumber can help determine the exact location. Further, sewer inspection cameras, says Anderson, are much less intrusive while eliminating the higher cost and excessive digging in a customer’s yard, simultaneously eradicating the guessing game that often transpires.

“When a customer of ours purchases a new home, we always stress a camera sewer inspection, being that it’s a non-intrusive way to look at the conditions of the property’s pipes,” explains Anderson. “Knowing ahead of time when corrosion is occurring or a collapsed pipe is imminent will save a homeowner from an impending emergency and costly repair.”

A sewer inspection can also provide homeowners with a visual reference of the condition of their pipes, while also providing irrefutable evidence of the exact conditions of the pipes and sewer lines. Rather than an estimated guess that could be as far from the truth as possible, says Anderson, a professional sewer inspection via camera can show exactly what’s going on with a system’s plumbing.

In addition to premium sewer camera inspection plumbing services, Plumb Time Plumbing & Drain offers general plumbing services, general plumbing repair, water heater repair and installation, backflow prevention services, sewer line repair, drain cleaning, hydro-jetting services, gas line installation and more to residents in Columbia, Lexington, West Columbia, Cayce, Dentsville, Forest Acres, Irmo, Chaplin, Blythewood, Newberry, Seven Oaks, St. Andrews and Springdale.

Plumb Time Plumbing & Drain Services LLC, located at 3513 Delree Street in West Columbia, SC, can handle any and all plumbing, sewer line, and backflow prevention needs and can be reached by calling (803) 988-9202. For more information visit their above referenced website.

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