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London Shoulder Pain Specialist, No Wait List for Diagnosis & X-Ray Announced

The new fast-access program launched by MSK Doctors combines several strategies to help clients schedule near-immediate diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of injuries, without requiring a referral from their GP.

More information about the MSK Doctors clinic, and how to use the online or over-the-phone self-scheduling system for appointments can be found at

The self-booking program allows clients to access a range of treatments that are proven safe and effective, but which are not yet available through the NHS. While the clinic is staffed primarily by top musculoskeletal specialists from across the UK, they also specialise in regenerative medicine, sports surgery, and orthopaedic surgery.

Clients with shoulder pain can use several options when scheduling an appointment. If they have not yet seen a physician and do not know the nature of the injury, clients are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with a specialist. However, clients that have already seen a physician but require diagnostic scans can schedule their scans directly.

Through partnerships with several nearby clinics, the MSK Doctors team has access to innovative technology that is not available anywhere else in the county. This includes an Open MRI scanner, which allows affected joints to be scanned both while they are still, and while they are in motion.

Clients can also schedule appointments for X-rays, or if they already have a diagnosis, for treatment. While the optimal treatment will vary from patient to patient, the MSK Doctors team will work with each client to determine their best option, while preferring regenerative or non-surgical techniques whenever possible.

In many situations, the MSK Doctors clinic is able to provide treatment using non-invasive techniques, which can help clients to improve their recovery times and reduce their mobility restrictions. This includes their procedure for Frozen Shoulder, which uses in-clinic treatments performed under a local anesthetic, to eliminate the need for hospital stays.

A spokesperson for the clinic explained, “The shoulder is highly muscle dependent, as it lacks strong ligaments. As a consequence, the musculature and tendons of the shoulder can be injured, causing pain, swelling, decreased range of movement, and instability. Our team uses the best available research evidence to guide all decision-making regarding treatment options.”

More information about UK musculoskeletal specialists, self-booking for appointments, and the MSK Doctors clinic can be found at

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