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Luna Proxy: Revolutionizing Web Crawling and Data Collection with Residential Proxies

Luna Proxy is a leader in residential intermediary services, offering cost-effective Residential Proxy solutions starting at $0.7/GB and secure data collecting.

United States, 10th Sep 2023 – As the leading supplier of residential intermediary services, Luna Proxy is at the forefront of the sector. Their Residential Proxy services, which start at just $0.7 per gigabyte, provide a complete answer to meet all of the company’s web crawling and data collection needs.

The best proxy tools make it easy to protect online privacy, secure networks, or collect publicly available data.

In an era where data plays a pivotal role in decision-making and market analysis, Luna Proxy distinguishes itself as the go-to service for businesses seeking reliable and efficient residential proxies. Their offering encompasses the full spectrum of features and benefits that businesses require:

  • Provide tens of millions of residential Proxy pools, locations in countries and regions around the world, and unlimited concurrent speeds
  • Easily protect client’ online privacy, secure their network, or collect public data
  • Support social media marketing, SEO optimization, travel aggregation, sneaker agency
  • Discover the cheapest residential proxies and trial plans

Why choose LunaProxy?

Dynamic Proxy
A private IP address that gives complete anonymity and a high success rate.
Data collection agent for any project size helps collect data efficiently with 99.99% accuracy.
Best for: ad verification, price monitoring, network security, market research, and more

Unlimited Package
Unlimited use of graded residential proxies
The proxy plan meets unlimited traffic, unlimited IP, unlimited connections and threads, and unlimited sub-accounts.
Best for load testing, audit monitoring, alternative data, and more.

Static Proxy
Wide coverage, stable, and high-speed static residential IP proxy network.
Instant access to long-term reserved static residential IP addresses (ISP proxy)
Best for eBay, Amazon accounts, etc.

200 million + excellent residential agents
Scale business with the world’s most valuable proxies, easily set up and use over 200 million residential proxies, connecting to country or city-level locations around the world. Enables the collection of public data efficiently.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Average success rate 99.99%
National and Municipal Targets

Overcome Ban, Captcha
With more advanced features than any other provider, they’ll never have to worry about being banned again. Choose a proxy from 195 countries. Create sub-users. Select their ISP target, proxy session type, and all with the click of a button.

Additionally, Luna Proxy provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure proxies on an iPhone, ensuring seamless integration for their convenience.

How to configure proxy on iPhone

Step 1 – Proxy Preparation

Before starting the integration, the public must select a plan and prepare a proxy in

  • Sign up for an account (if they haven’t already) / 1. Enter their email.
  • Enter the password (Google is also an option)

Go to the “Get Proxy” menu →, “User and Authenticated,” and select the desired proxy.

(1) Select the country they want and proxy type here; choose UK and IP rotation
(2) Copy the host, port, login, and password of the generated Proxy.
(3) To get the URL link for proxy management, go to the API tab.

The Proxy is ready for configuration.

Step 2 – iPhone Integration with LunaProxy

  • Open Settings, click Wi-Fi
  • Find the connected wifi, click the small icon on the right to enter the configuration proxy interface
  • Click Configure Proxy
  • Select manual, fill in the server and port
  • Open the authentication button and fill in the username and password. Click storage in the upper right corner, the configuration is complete
  • Search for the IP address query in the browser. If the query result is consistent with the set proxy IP, the proxy setting is successful.

But that’s not all! For a limited time, Luna Proxy is offering an exclusive discount. Use the coupon code “Ke2HBneRbe7m” to avail of special savings on their Residential Proxy services.

Luna Proxy remains the trusted partner in a data-driven world, delivering unbeatable performance, security, and affordability. Join Luna Proxy’s Dynamic Rotation/Static Exclusive services with a vast pool of 200 million Residential Proxies and enjoy a 10% cash reward.

For more information and to sign up, please visit Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the online capabilities with Luna Proxy’s top-tier residential proxies.

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