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Madison, CT Mindset Mentoring: Personal Goal Setting Expert Coaching Announced

Mindset and life coach Rick Bayuk is introducing his “Amplify Your Mindset” mentoring program to Madison residents, particularly those between 18 and 35 years old. The one-year-long mindset mentoring is designed to help clients recognize their limiting beliefs and then create new goals to achieve their full potential.

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According to Mr. Bayuk, contrary to popular belief, shifting one’s mindset is not a linear process. Every person is different and their healing journeys will vary based on their own unique experiences. During the mentoring program, clients learn not only how to create a new version of themselves, but also practice kindness when they experience challenges along the way.

Those who prefer group mentoring sessions instead may opt for the 24-weekly live group coaching with Mr. Bayuk. Somewhat similar to one-on-one coaching, these group sessions include video modules, self-coaching workbooks, rituals, distinctions, and somatic practices to help clients remove their limiting beliefs about money, success, and even personal relationships.

Both mindset mentoring programs include weekly live coaching sessions that support clients to set and achieve worthy goals, using the mind to get the results one wants, staying in change no matter the circumstances, identifying and avoiding things that sabotage one’s success, and the number one key to success.

Interested clients can first schedule a discovery call with Mr, Bayuk. This no-obligation call can be used to ask any questions clients may have.

Mr. Bayuk is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Amplified Mindset Consulting. Having been mentored by world-renowned coach Bob Proctor himself, he has dedicated his life to helping others learn the power of their mindset in achieving their dreams.

With regard to his program, he said: “With my guidance, you’ll learn how to break through limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that have held you back in the past. We’ll work together to identify your core values and set clear, achievable goals that align with your vision for the future.”

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