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Managed SOC Procurement & Cybersecurity Solutions Launched By CloudZen Partners

CloudZen Partners has updated its services to include sourcing tailored security operations center (SOC) solutions for businesses looking to strengthen their cybersecurity measures. As a leading IT security consultant, the company helps businesses source, customize, and deploy robust, scalable, and efficient SOC-as-a-Service solutions based on the specific requirements and risk profile of their operations.

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The new SOC procurement service offered by CloudZen Partners connects small, medium, and large businesses with digital forensic and threat intelligence suppliers to customize a plan that addresses specific enterprise-level requirements.

A recent report in Forbes noted that cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. A SOC is designed to protect an organization by monitoring, reporting, and preventing cybersecurity threats. Unfortunately, the cost of creating an in-house SOC is prohibitive for many business owners.

With its updated SOC procurement service, CloudZen Partners can help implement a cost-effective yet scalable SOC that evolves to meet current and future IT security requirements.

The SOC sourcing process is spread across seven steps: asset discovery and reporting, a NIST vulnerability assessment, and cloud security examinations. The RFP process is followed by the final selection of a digital forensics and threat intelligence supplier and the implementation of the SOC solution. CloudZen Partners specializes in helping non-IT and IT businesses avoid the technical complexities and business issues associated with SOC procurement.

SOC-as-a-service is designed to detect and prevent network intrusions. This includes a real-time analysis of log flow to pinpoint suspicious activities and firewall management. A robust solution can protect a business’s cloud, premise, and virtual security from both internal and external threats.

This updated service is one of the many ways CloudZen Partners upholds its core mission to help businesses develop an integrated and intelligent approach to IT security. For more details on the managed detection and response cybersecurity solutions, visit

A spokesperson for the firm said: “At CloudZen Partners, we provide IT security solutions that are designed to bridge cybersecurity gaps and thwart digital threats before they become a significant problem. We work together with security product suppliers to counteract threats introduced internally or externally.”

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