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Manhattan, NY Interstate Apartment Movers, Sofa Packing & Moving Report Launched

While moving a sofa can seem like a simple task, it can often be much more complicated than it appears to move it properly, without causing damage to the furniture, house, or movers. This new report launched by explains how to properly prepare, move, and unpack a sofa, or how to hire a certified professional.

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The new report explores several common types and sizes of sofas, which may have different requirements for moving depending on their weight, materials, or length. While the report provides guidelines for moving furniture safely, it also highlights when a professional service should be used, and how to find the best rates.

When hiring a professional, the report suggests that users first estimate the total cost by requesting quotes from several top-rated companies. To simplify this process, has included a tool on its website that provides up to 7 estimates from local experts, with no cost or obligation.

To receive no-cost estimates, users can fill out a simple form on the website, which will be sent to 7 reputable Manhattan-based professionals. The form must include relevant details of the move, such as the origin and destination, the number of items to be moved, and details about obstacles such as stairs, long walks, or gates.

Users who prefer to complete the move without a professional can find details in the report about precautions to protect their furniture, and strategies for lifting heavy objects without causing injuries. However, it also offers several suggestions that can be used to reduce the rate of a professional moving company, while still benefiting from the additional safety.

This includes options for prepping the furniture with protective wrappings, moving it partway to the moving truck, or carrying it into their new homes. The report also explores what to do in the event of complications, or how to secure a storage facility for furniture if it cannot be moved to the client’s new home immediately.

An excerpt from the report explains, “Packing a sofa is one of the most tedious tasks during a move. It not only requires a considerable amount of strength but also careful handling… Usually, there is a specific way to move a sofa, but when it comes to packing, the instructions may vary depending on the kind of sofa you have.”

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