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Mayfair, London Eyelash Extensions Designer Silk & Mink Lash Services Updated

The beauty studio is now offering classic lash sets made from approximately 90-130 natural silk and mink lashes per eye. Unlike other beauticians and aestheticians who offer lash extensions as just one of many beauty services, Glamorous Lashes is exclusively devoted to eyelashes. As such, they don’t use pre-made fans or other mass-produced products. Instead, customers who opt for one of their newly updated classic extensions will enjoy the refined and natural look that comes from having individual lashes applied on a one-to-one basis.

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The update coincides with the latest figures from Verified Market Research, which reflect the fact that the lash extension industry is a rapidly growing one. Now worth over $USD 1.36 billion, it is expected to keep growing to $USD 2.31 Billion by 2028.

However, Glamorous Lashes believes that not all lashes are created equal, and as a recent study published in the Journal of Hygiene indicated, the use of synthetic lashes made of chemical fibres has been linked with ocular hyperaemia, pain, and itchy swollen eyelids.

As such, the lash studio exclusively uses natural, vegan and hypoallergenic fibres like silk and mink, which create a more realistic look, last longer, cause no irritation to the eye and do no damage to the wearer’s natural lashes.

Their classic sets offer wearers a look which is both glamorous and understated, making it the perfect option for clients who want to wear their lashes on a semi-permanent, or effectively permanent basis. For those clients who are looking for a lash which isn’t too heavy but is still eye-catching, the studio’s skilled technicians can also apply the lashes in a butterfly or cat’s eye style.

Glamorous Lashes sources their individual mink and silk lashes from high-end retailers, ensuring an upscale look with maximum length and curl.

For clients who are looking for a bolder and bigger look, the upmarket studio is also renowned for their designer quality volume lashes, which come available in 3D, 4D and 5D options of up to 400-600 lashes per eye.

Glamorous Lashes is operated by award-winning master lash technicians with over 13 years of experience. They offer their clients swift applications, low ongoing maintenance and individual styling to make the most of every customer’s natural eye shape.

A spokesperson for the beauty studio said, “We have been London’s leading experts in premium eyelash extensions since 2007. For over a decade we have pampered over thousands of London’s most fashionable ladies with our customised services and high-quality products.??”

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Glamorous Lashes
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