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Meta-Builders: A Web3 Development Community

Web3 has changed a lot of things – and soon will change much, much more.

Imagine sitting on the couch, donning a pair of VR glasses, and strolling into the virtual world. Now imagine entering a store in the shopping mall, trying on the clothes, and the next thing have placed an order. A little while later, a package arrives. This is shopping, in Web3 – in a metaverse environment.

What about work? Well, with Web3 paychecks come on-time and on-chain. People who have a workspace in home that allows them to interact with their coworkers via the Metaverse without having to commute distance each day, increasing their productivity and comfort. Perhaps there’s still an office they can go to a few days a week if they want, however.

The possibilities are endless in the new, base-money enabled Internet. Society is headed for massive immersive changes with augmented alternate realities that are infinitely customizable and completely on-chain.

Metaverses & Digital environments that suit certain lifestyles.

People have come a long way since the early days. Let’s have a peek back at some transformative moments along the way to the present reality of Metaverses.

Web1 was a one-way interaction where people were connected to the digital web irrespective of their geographic location. Web2 became a two-way interaction where the likes of Facebook, Youtube , and other social media giants monetized the space at the cost of peoples privacy. Web3 offers increased interaction with more control over peoples privacy and ownership rights by simply putting everything onto a decentralized public ledger and pushing for transparency in the new digital culture.

Metaverses are the digital counterparts of the real world. These are computer-generated virtual reality environments where people can interact with each other. All the major technological behemoths like Facebook and Google are investing in metaverse development (see the recent announcement of a partnership between Dapper Labs ($FLOW) and Meta, if someone needs proof!). Think about how Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., changed consumer and business behaviors. It’s going to happen again, this time in Web3.

The interactions within Metaverse happen through digital forms of payment. Blockchain technology has enabled users to buy, sell, and trade real-world items in the virtual realm, trustlessly. NFTs grant holders true ownership over the digital items of the virtual world. They can be used to represent anything from digital art to game items and even real-world assets-think of them as bearer bonds for arbitrary data (yes, arbitrary! its possible to NFT anything anyone would like.).

Meta-Builders Brings freelancers the ability to create in Web3.

Recognizing the need for brands to have a presence in the Metaverse in order to connect more deeply and effectively with the customers, Meta-Builders has been built to bring existing brands and new projects alike an effective team to work with. Meta-Builders is a collective of professionals, including skilled artists, promoters, virtual builders, and NFT specialists; all joining forces to share what they’ve learned and offer a full suite of creative services to translate products into digital representations.

Meta-Builders aims to help brands and companies create their own digital spaces within the Metaverse. Meta-Builders also specializes in building and marketing client profiles and products in the increasingly popular virtual reality space. The clients can choose from a range of virtual worlds, including Decentraland, Sandbox, and others. In addition, the DAO structure of Meta-Builders optimizes the cost for the brands to build it from the ground up. From the creation of art for NFTs to the successful running of NFT projects and advising services for digital community creation, the suite of services includes NFT drops, custom blockchain marketplace integrations, and smart contract design.

Meta-Builders offer an easy introduction to immersive experiences for any prospective client. There is a diverse selection of packages to suit all clients across all sectors, providing the same creativity and attention to detail.


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