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Mid-Market Enterprise Programmatic Job Advertising Platform & SaaS Updated

This update to the JobAdX ecosystem puts new tools into the hands of small to mid-market enterprises looking to promote their open positions across many channels at once. Using the updated system, these businesses can recruit programmatically across a network of over 100 job boards using a variety of automation and customization tools.

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Users of the bi-platform JobAdX system will now be able to use both the Optimize and Exchange versions of the software to promote their campaigns simultaneously. Optimize allows for carefully tailored custom ad placements, while Exchange provides access to a number of automation tools to power small, goal-driven recruitment teams.

Both platforms enable users to access high-impact, real-time analytics to improve both the price per click and the overall visibility of a given campaign. This reporting can be used to inform manual placements made on the Optimize platform or to guide the programmatic features of Exchange toward more qualified traffic.

Users of JobAdX Exchange are able to program the algorithmic system to hyper-target talent, removing underperforming placements along the way. The system has been shown to preserve up to 40% of ad spend that might otherwise go toward nontargeted placements or unqualified traffic.

These tools have been developed specifically for SMB and SME clients who are seeking to compete with larger corporate recruiting teams. The JobAdX platform equips these smaller teams with the tools necessary to place ads more strategically, allowing companies to reach more candidates on a smaller budget and in a shorter amount of time.

According to the company, this updated solution to programmatic advertising has been built to be as flexible as possible. To that end, they are now accepting custom placement requests, which will allow users to include job boards that are outside of the JobAdX partner network when generating new campaigns through the system.

A free demo of the software is available on the JobAdX website, as well as a variety of guides and an exploration of the power that programmatic advertising can supply to SMB and SME clients.

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