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MMS Without Cell Service: PC & Mac Desktop Pay-As-You-Go CRM For Startups Update

The latest version of Bigly – from Bigly Sales, Inc. – offers a new generation of roving entrepreneurs, startups, and boutique businesses a unique model of customer engagement, reflecting how consumers use technology in the modern day. The app’s MMS function allows users to send messages in bulk from both desktop and mobile devices.

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The updates highlight Bigly Sales, Inc.’s commitment to providing business leaders and sales teams with a viable and affordable alternative to major platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce, whose retainer fees and ‘per-contact’ charges often make them an unrealistic CRM option for smaller ventures. The app’s MMS services encompass unlimited messaging and full client segmentation while its internet-based protocol means that campaigns can be scheduled and implemented regardless of cell service issues.

An article published by Forbes magazine suggests that the intense competition for consumer attention remains the biggest challenge for marketers and sales agents in the digital age. With these insights in mind, Bigly Sales has developed its service to provide businesses with a proven way to engage with existing and potential customers. Multimedia content provides a vehicle for a business to express its personality beyond a basic sales pitch, with both SMS and MMS communications rendering superior open rates to email campaigns which have long been the gold standard for marketers.

The Bigly app’s MMS function makes it easy for organizations to provide a personal shopping experience while encouraging them to make further purchases through visually-engaging content. The use of QR code technology is also made easier with a CRM system that is MMS-enabled.

In a social media-driven society, a well-designed MMS campaign increases the likelihood of content being shared among friends and family while humorous GIFs can end up going viral without sacrificing a brand’s message, Bigly Sales says.

Bigly’s unique usage-based pricing model means that businesses can use the CRM system without charge and are only liable for telecom costs. This pay-as-you-go billing mechanism allows startups and sole traders to control their marketing overheads, only paying for the services they need when they need them.

In addition to MMS, Bigly also offers email and VoIP. All telecoms are gathered together in a unified inbox with automated, real-time data tracking and analytics.

A spokesperson says, “MMS is an ideal tool for businesses that want to reach out to their customers more engagingly.”

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