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MN Senior Home Health Care Agency ‘Hospital To Home’ Program Improves Outcomes

MN senior home health care agency, Freedom Home Care, LLC has announced a new and improved custom transitional home care program for elderly seniors and others. The program was designed to provide continuous care for a smooth transition from the hospital to the home, which can improve health outcomes for patients.

More information can be found at: or by calling the MN home health care agency directly at 507-387-4663.

Going back to the hospital for unexpected care can be very disheartening and disruptive for seniors. Hospitals and rehab facilities try to prevent post discharge complications by giving patients concise guidelines for a successful transition, either to the home or to another environment such as assisted living. Often times this guidance is not enough to prevent re-admisions.

In response to the need for something to fill the gap, Freedom Home Care created their hospital to home transition care program. A safe transition home following hospitalization or rehabilitation is proven to help prevent re-hospitalization and re-admission to a nursing care facility. Freedom Home Care’s Transitional Care Program was specifically designed for safe transitions with a hyper-vigilant focus on the all important first 30 days after discharge.

According to the MN home health care agency owner Chris Mihm, “Freedom Home Care provides support to patients while they regain their strength after a hospital stay. We want to help people safely return home through our affordable short-term care packages that help with transitioning home, making return visits to the doctor, following therapy exercise protocols, managing new medications and providing peace of mind…”

Any number of patients can benefit from transitional home care. These benefits can apply to seniors or anyone else who takes numerous medications or has had medication errors in the past, patients with chronic health conditions, patients with a history of frequent trips to the emergency room or hospital, people with balance problems, those who have difficulty getting to their medical appointments and those who simply prefer to stay in the comforts of home.

Freedom Home Care in MN offers a detailed menu of care. This includes non medical home care, home health care and nursing care services, each of which is tailored to the needs of clients. The MN senior home care agency has well trained and pre-screened caregivers to ensure only high quality services are delivered. In all cases the agency’s nurse supervisor creates a custom care plan that guides caregivers and ensures services are implemented properly.

Parties seeking short-term transitional or long-term senior home health care in MN can find more information by visiting their website link above or by calling Freedom Home Care directly at (507) 387- 4663 to discuss a custom home care program.

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