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Mt Eden Invisalign Clear Braces For Adults FAQ, Orthodontics Treatment Announced

The new resource was launched to address the growing demand in the Mt Eden community for the innovative teeth aligners. This page is especially geared toward adults who want a more discrete way to address their misaligned teeth.

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Dr. Krystal Tarak, who heads the clinic, explains that the FAQ page covers all important aspects of getting Invisalign. This includes the cost, what the retainers can (and can’t) fix, and how long they should be worn, among others.

The respected dentist notes that malocclusions or misaligned teeth are caused by a wide variety of factors, including genetics, early loss of baby teeth, and even trauma to the face.

While braces are a proven way to straighten teeth, they can be unsightly and cumbersome — causing many adults to look for an alternative. Invisalign is a viable option as it uses braces that are virtually invisible.

As Dr. Tarak notes, Invisalign aligner trays are made of virtually transparent plastic that users wear over their teeth. These retainers gently shift teeth into the correct position without employing conspicuous bands and brackets.

All Smiles Dental will take precise measurements of a patient’s teeth and create several sets of aligner trays. These aligners are typically replaced every two to three weeks as the teeth shift toward the ideal position. Dr. Tarak emphasizes that the braces are made of smooth and comfortable material and will not cause issues like mouth sores.

A key benefit of getting Invisalign braces at the clinic is the ease with which they can be removed. This makes eating, brushing teeth, and flossing easier and more convenient.

Dr. Tarak says: “We understand that many individuals are conscious about their smiles because of crooked teeth. Invisalign is an effective but subtle solution that is ideal for adults. Our team is confident that our FAQ page will answer all of your questions about this breakthrough treatment.”

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