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Multimedia Content Marketing For Music Recording Studios: Service Expanded

The recently announced expansions to the company’s marketing solutions reflect its commitment to helping local music studios gain more visibility in their geographical area and bring in prospective clients.

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Now with a focus on the music industry and small recording and production companies, the updated multimedia campaigns from Hargroves Helping Hand comprise a range of digital assets, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

Recent statistics from Stratview Research show that the music recording industry continues to grow at a robust rate and is expected to be worth around $73 million by 2026. Recognizing the potential for recording and production studios to tap into a lucrative market, Hargroves Helping Hand provides a way for small business owners and recording executives to gain increased visibility for their studio’s brand, while saving valuable time and energy on marketing strategies.

“Aspiring musicians and artists are currently looking for you but can’t find you online,” says founder and CEO Jeremy Hargrove. “To fix the problem, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars hoping something will work, like other businesses do, or you can employ our amplification strategy to boost your exposure exponentially.”

To help recording and production studios gain increased visibility and grow, Hargroves Helping Hand employs a skilled team of professional writers, advertising specialists, graphic designers, and web developers to produce multimedia content.

Digital assets created for the multimedia marketing campaigns include articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, and slideshows. The team publishes the content to high-authority websites, reaching a wide audience of prospective clients, including targeted regional and national markets.

The marketing company’s previous clients offer positive reviews. “Hargroves Helping Hand is a steady force in online promotions,” says Darrell M. “They’re experienced, trustworthy, and offer a systematic approach to provide exposure for your business.”

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