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Multimedia Marketing Service For Real Estate Agencies Announced By Sebset

As new studies reveal that 75% of browsers click on one of the top three links in search results, Sebset announces a multimedia marketing service, focusing on professional blog content, audio advertisements, and automated video creation.

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Sebset now provides real estate businesses with an actionable ranking solution. By creating ‘done-for-you’ content, the agency delivers more qualified leads for clients – and builds stronger brand awareness.

The service includes slideshow design and infographics, which allow realtors to advertise properties across social channels in an eye-catching way. The goal is to help more real estate businesses improve their Google ranking, gaining authority and credibility in the local area.

According to Sebset, the key to success in the real estate industry is a strong online presence, which can be achieved through its omnichannel approach to multimedia marketing. The agency provides a comprehensive solution that covers written, audio, and visual formats.

Blog writing, videos, and engaging graphic displays can showcase property features in different ways – and, crucially, engage buyers across channels. Each asset is designed to be informative and entertaining, capturing the attention of potential buyers and keeping them engaged with the brand, says Sebest.

Its multimedia marketing services are designed to increase the likelihood of a 3-pack ranking. With 90% of all web traffic never reaching the second page of Google, a targeted marketing effort is important, the agency explains.

Following the announcement, realtors can arrange a consultation to discuss the marketing approach and how it can help them achieve their growth goals. Sebest’s team consists of trained writers, advertising professionals, and creatives with years of experience in the online marketing space.

Sebset founder and CEO Anthony Thomas Parker states: “The Sebset Digital Agency can protect your company from being surpassed by your competitors and becoming obsolete in the eyes of your customers. Frankly, in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, any business that does not effectively manage and evolve by utilizing digital marketing is already obsolete.”

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